Prescribed Exercise

A customized approach for your sustainable results in your own Home or Condo!

Have your specific fitness needs met with my intuitive and personal approach to exercise prescription. No matter your starting point, there is always a next best step to get you closer to feeling great immediately. Together we will devise a realistic workout plan that works within your time and financial considerations.

No gym membership required! Minimal equipment necessary!
You already have all that you need to get started:
one body = many options.

Allow me to show you exactly how to use the room in your home or condo as your own personal platform for building a better body. The ultimate key to your success is found in a reasonable and sustainable program designed exactly for you

Prescribed Exercise involves asking important questions:

  • Assessing your baseline state: where you are now and where Xactly you want to be.
  • What key resources do you have access to right now, considering your time, financial and equipment availability?
  • Evaluating what has worked in the past and how to implement that into the present moving forward
  • Designing a thorough program that we go over together in person to ensure good form and how to add modifications when necessary
  • Understanding your own motivation which reinforces the meaning of your specific program
  • Building your confidence that what you are doing is sustaining your progress on purpose
  • Ongoing scheduled check-ins and my support by email or phone.

HOW: I will teach you full-body functional movements for…

  • increased overall strength and muscle mass
  • efficient metabolism function for fat loss
  • tone and tighten in all the right spots
  • improve your balance and coordination for everyday ease in how you move
  • confidence in your ability to start and maintain your routine
  • feel good overall and fit better in your clothes



BY PHONE: Initial free phone consultation is for the purpose of establishing rapport and assessing your exercise needs.
What we discover in this conversation will dictate our next natural step.

HOME or CONDO VISIT to asses the space you have available to move:
a) initial trial workout & hire your trainer for ongoing visits 2 times/week to ensure good exercise form and develop consistency. We will then implement a moving-forward plan when the time is right. *Ongoing support by phone or email is still available. *Follow-up visits recommended to revise program every 4-6 weeks for inspiration and variety.

b) initial program design on the spot for you to perform on your own time with my ongoing support and scheduled check-in dates by phone. Follow-up visits recommended to revise program every 4-6 weeks for inspiration and variety.

To find out more about packages available, contact me here today and let’s discover your options!