kingway boxing club

Group Boxing Classes

Kingsway Boxing Club – 3005 Bloor St West

Wednesdays 6:30pm & 7:45pm

Saturdays 9:30am & 11 am

Everything you need for a well-rounded workout in a friendly group environment. Get all the results you are looking for by trying something new or adding to your existing fitness routine.

Take charge of your fitness and notice how closely the moves in boxing relate to the rest of your life. Classes are designed to inspire and provide a safe place to let go. You will learn all the fundamentals of the sport including footwork, coordination, combinations, proper form + the elements of self-defence.

**No previous experience is necessary

**This is a non-contact class.

The benefits of this boxing class include:

  • Increase your confidence and sense of self
  • Improve your coordination, agility and balance
  • Overall fat loss – especially and immediately in the core
  • Develop muscle, boost your metabolism
  • Amazing cardio workout every time
  • Go at your own pace every time
  • Build and fine tune your focus
  • Meet new people and connect in this shared experience
  • Stress release and outlet!!!
  • Pure FUN

We begin with a basic warm-up to prepare the body and mind for hitting on the heavy bag. You will be paired up and each partner takes turns executing the drill which is always demonstrated by your instructor. Every class is unique and tailored to the fitness levels in attendance.

Other drills and exercises could include:

  • skipping rope for conditioning and coordination
  • ladder drills for footwork
  • conditioning circuits incorporating the lower body
  • defensive techniques
  • pad work

We close the hour with very important floor work to incorporate specific core strengthening exercises and stretching.

The class is maxed at 8 people to ensure comfort in the space and allows for more individual attention.



Register for the date(s) you want to attend here:

by text at 416 877 0849
or by email at
I personally handle enrolment every week.


1st Class………………..………..……….Free

Single Class…………….… ……………$25

10-class pass……………..……………..…..……$210 +tx

*ask me about boxing studio rentals for private and specialty classes