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Another successful Cleanse Camp completed and we have some very happy lighter cleaner campers! As their Cleansing Coach it always inspires and amazes me to witness people’s progress as they embark on this journey to seek and maintain improved health using the Isagenix fat burning system. Isagenix is a very reputable company with many years of…


Choose your stance, stand on guardTrain smart, fight hard _boxing is life-like.Jab, slip, move – get into the groove.Roll with the punches, give ’em back in bunches.Mechanics are textbook, style is your ownBe stylish but don’t be foolish. Fools underestimate, it takes integrity to be great.Be versatile, learn to adjust.Make ’em miss and come up with…


Turning the clock back 1 hr this time of year always seems to have the same impact on people. Most interesting to me as a Personal Trainer with 15 years experience is how every year we forget how much this can affect our mood! So what needs to happen next in order for you to…

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