Yvette has been shaping people’s bodies and helping to change lives since 1998.

Her past successes competing as an amateur Bodybuilder and Competitive Boxer have translated into a wonderful opportunity to share and grow from this place of passion and wisdom.

Today, her roles as Personal Trainer and Boxing Instructor have expanded beyond the gym and into people’s homes and places of business where she continues to do what she does best: motivate and educate. In prescribing exercise programs designed to meet her clients’ individual goals, Yvette has truly recognized the importance of building rapport by using effective communication in order to develop lasting relationships based on trust and integrity.

For her private in-home sessions, Yvette is now offering Thai Massage as a complement to finishing a great workout. With her background in Holistic studies and knowledge as a Master in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Training) for Fitness Professionals, Yvette is dedicated to providing her clients with a whole experience.

In addition to her Personal Training Services, Yvette has worked diligently to develop a popular weekly group boxing program, which is available to her clients to add to their existing fitness routine and for those wanting to try something new.

More recently, Yvette has stepped back into the ring, this time as Ring Announcer and Motivational Speaker at local fight shows. As an ambassador of the sport of boxing for fitness, Yvette speaks to educate and motivate the masses on the benefits of boxing training for every body beyond just the physical rewards. Her message is empowering others across schools and into boardrooms where she is living out her dream to inspire change in people’s perspective on fitness and how it relates to their own lives.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Designing and Implementing Exercise Programs
  • Teaching proper exercise form and modifications around injuries or other limitations
  • Developing an appropriate plan specific to Individual, Group or Corporate needs
  • Helping clients recognize self-imposed limitations and how to overcome them using NLP techniques
  • Teaching clients how to Xactly pay attention to their own bodies and how to make any adjustments accordingly
  • Measuring client satisfaction and results by applying check-in points
  • High-Intensity Training – Strength Training for health (Holistic) includes alternate body weight and other functional movement patterns
  • Boxing Instruction
  • Providing ongoing motivation and support by email, phone, blog
  • Blogging/Writing
  • Working Together with people!

Contact me for more information or just to say hello! I’d love to hear from you!

Yvette Raposo,
In your corner, on your side.

  1. October 13, 2015

    Hi Yvette!

    Interesting flow of events led me to your “about me”. I read it and realized that U are in alignment with what the new social initiative / fitness agenda is about. Having been an athlete in the past, I am excited for Jeff/I to share with U more. Wondering if this resonates with u… and if so, how about we set up a time to explore? and discover if u feel inspired by / in alignment with it too.

    Thanks u.


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